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Frequently asked questions about Virtual Assistants

Q.  Where am I based?

A. I run my business from the South East of England.

Q.  What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A. A virtual assistant is a remote assistant who offers support for you and your business, usually part-time. They are a skilled individual, who can provide you with certain services. They are a great solution for extra help if you cannot hire directly into your business. 


QWhy would I need a Virtual Assistant?

A.  It can be overwhelming trying to run all areas of your business while juggling your social media accounts. That's where I come in! I can help maintain your social media accounts, leaving you the time you need to run your business smoothly. I can also engage with clients/customers on your behalf, and pass on any queries and feedback that may be sent. Additionally, I can assist with account management, such as clearing out spam from direct messages, and keeping any relevant links up to date.


Q.  Why hire me as a Virtual Assistant?

A.  I cost less than hiring a standard employee, meaning you do not need the extra space to accommodate me, plus you're only paying an upfront rate - you always know the exact cost it is to hire me. I work virtually from my home in Kent, so I use all of my own technology and software. You only pay me for the hours worked or packages requested, as and when required. Plus, you get someone with prior knowledge and experience instead of a new assistant who you would have to spend time and money to train.


Q. What happens if I want to book you?

A.  First, book a free 30-minute discovery call with me via Calendly, where we will discuss your needs and whether my services are what you are looking for. You might only need to hire me for a couple of hours a month to do basic social media account management, or while we chat you may realise that you need more hours or a specific package. I am here to support your business remotely, allowing you to free up extra time for either yourself, or for you to focus on other areas of your business.


Q.  What rates do you charge?

A.  All of my prices, both my ad-hoc hourly rate and my packages, can be found on my packages and rates page. If you're not able to find a service or package to suit you, please feel free to get in touch. I will give you a tailored quote based on your requirements. 

Q.  Do you do face to face meetings?

A. Currently I only do meetings via Zoom and my calendly booking form. I do not do in person meetings. 

Q.  What if you don't offer a service I need?


A.  You can message me on the home page via the form at the bottom, or send me an email, so I can try to assist you.

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