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Offering services such as email inbox management, social media content creation, account engagement, blog posts and more, I can tailor these services to your personal or business needs. 

Packages and Rates

You only pay for the package you select, or the ad-hoc hourly rate of £30 for each individual hour requested. You gain an extra pair of hands with knowledge and experience at an upfront cost.

Hire Me

Email me directly to discuss working together, or book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss how I can help.


Not sure what a virtual assistant is, or what I do? Check out my FAQ page to read more!

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About Me

About Me

Tania Pryer - Owner of PAVA

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Right out of school, I dedicated over eleven and a half years to a local supermarket, honing my skills in the realm of customer service. Beyond my work hours, my passion for content creation and social media emerged, leading me to explore YouTube and Instagram. I began crafting videos for my YouTube channel and delving into graphic design on Instagram, discovering a whole new avenue of self-expression.

From October 2013 to January 2019, I  ran my own lifestyle and beauty blog. I worked on this blog for a solid seven years, only having to scale back on posts to focus on my previous job. During this time, I received payment for my content and had the privilege of writing for reputable companies such as, Beefeater, Baker Days, Crown Brush,, Debenhams, Panasonic, and Warner Bros. During this period, my love for content creation and blog writing flourished, and I even taught myself basic HTML skills that continue to serve me well.

Working as a virtual assistant since July 2022, I've successfully assisted various clients ranging from individuals seeking assistance, to beauticians, dentists, career coaches, and lifestyle gurus. Competent and confident in the services I offer, I've streamlined my focus to four key areas, ensuring dedicated attention and exceptional outcomes. 

In my leisure time, I immerse myself in the world of The Sims 4, catch the latest crime documentaries, manage my YouTube channel, and badly attempt to learn Spanish!



Inbox Detox

I had this email since I was a teenager and the amount of emails that was unread and the inbox was never ending. 
I asked Tania  to sort out my emails into folders and help to see if I had missed anything important or not read. 
Tania went through and explained to me what she was doing every step of the way. Would use Tania again if my inbox every gets that bad again.

Martin R

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by using the form to the right. Alternatively, you can message me via one of my social media accounts, or by email.

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