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Email and Social Media Virtual Assistant Service

Pryer Assistants


Offering services such as email inbox management, social media content creation, account engagement, blog posts and more, I can tailor these services to your personal or business needs. 

Packages and Rates

You only pay for the package you select, or the ad-hoc hourly rate of £27 for each individual hour requested. You gain an extra pair of hands with knowledge and experience at an upfront cost.

Hire Me

Email me directly to discuss working together, or book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss how I can help.


Not sure what a virtual assistant is, or what I do? Check out my FAQ page to read more!

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About Me

About Me

Tania Pryer - Owner of PAVA

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Upon completing my education at eighteen, I embarked on a fulfilling journey at a local supermarket, where I dedicated over eleven and a half years of my career. This experience honed my skills, particularly in the realm of customer service.


During my off-hours, I discovered my passion for YouTube and Instagram, immersing myself in these platforms. As I delved deeper, I started creating videos for my YouTube channel and exploring graphic design for my personal Instagram account.

From October 2013 to January 2019, I proudly ran my own lifestyle and beauty blog, and although I occasionally still contribute to it, my primary focus now lies in my thriving business. It was during this period that my passion for content creation and blog writing flourished, and I even taught myself some very basic HTML skills which continue to serve me well.

With over eleven years of experience in customer service and almost a decade of content creation across various social media platforms, I take immense pride in my unwavering dedication and loyalty to the projects I undertake. I've since worked with individuals who need help, beauticians, dentists, career coaches, and lifestyle gurus. 

During my leisure time, you can find me indulging in the immersive world of The Sims 4, catching the latest Chris Evans movie, managing my YouTube channel, and enthusiastically learning Spanish.



Social Media

I am pleased to share my experience working with Tania as my Virtual Assistant. For several weeks now, she has been helping me to plan and implement my social media strategy. Like many business owners, in the past I often struggled to come up with a coherent plan for posting. Now, my day-to-day social media posts flow much more smoothly, thanks to Tania’s organizational skills and her planning spreadsheets. She shows professionalism and efficiency blended together with a creative approach. Her prompt response time and reliability, together with her cheerful personality, have made collaborating with her an absolute pleasure. Working with Tania not only saves me valuable time but also lets me focus on other aspects of my business so that I can continue to grow. Thank you, Tania, for your hard work and expertise!

Cathy G - Career Growth Coach


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by using the form to the right. Alternatively, you can message me via one of my social media accounts, or by email.

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